Hokkaido is renown as having the freshest sushi in Japan, thus the world.  And the Shakotan Peninsula is home to some of the best catch in Hokkaido.  Iki, uni, toro, scallops, crab and much more come to our shores.  And Iwanai has some of the top sushi restaurants in all Hokkaido.  Come feast with us on delicacies that you'll be hard pressed to match. 





Iwanai is part of an area called GanWu, which comprises the towns Kyowa, Tomari and Kamoenai.  All have various restaurants ranging from okonomiyaki, yakitori, yakiniku, and many other Japanese cuisines.  There is never a shortage of izakaya which serve small dishes a la carte.  So while you explore the coast, stop by some of these magical eateries and see why Japanese food is so special.